Priligy pill is a unique drug absorbing in the blood quickly and affecting your body quickly too. Within 30 minutes, your body is already under Priligy influence and your serotonin level is going to be increased. Keeping the scientific talk short, the finished product Dapoxetine works as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.  By inhibiting serotonin reuptake, the compound reduces stress levels and enables people to have better interpersonal relationships. One great way to ruin your chances of keeping a hot woman is by prematurely ejaculating.  Doing this makes you look like the biggest loser in the world!  Fortunately, there is an amazing drug with the brand name Priligy that can help you go all night long.

Generic Priligy drug has several side effects, which can undermine your health in serious way, so before taking this drug, pay attention to the following: high blood pressure level, blurred vision, not regular pulse, mood changes, depression, fainting, dizziness, anxious state, headache or migraine. Having these side effects, you should stop taking Priligy for some time before stabilizing your condition.

Priligy 30mg is a universal drug, which can be prescribed to a relatively wide target audience, from age 18 to 64. However, it should not be taken by patients below 18 and by patients experiencing problems connected with kidney or liver failure problems. Regular consumption of Priligy can bring more effect, and overdosing is not recommended as side effects can increase and patient’s physical state can worsen. In addition, patients are advised to make different physical exercises along with specialized ones directed to maintain normal ejaculation process.  So take it in proper way and moreover, larger doses of Priligy will not also make you good. More does not always mean better. Keep following the prescription.

Statistics say that from 30-40% of male population faces premature ejaculation problem. Actually, the nature of premature ejaculation lays in that men stop controlling and stop caring about this process. Priligy will help the patient to treat ejaculation dysfunction in the right way and return pleasure and joy from sexual penetration. Today with the help of new possibilities can be fully treated so Priligy is one of the most effective means in this case.   

Since the time Viagra and Levitra conquered the world’s ED drug niche, the market opened the other medicine effective for premature ejaculation called Priligy. It is known for its ability to stabilize ejaculation process as biological problem when man experiences too fast ejaculation. Scientists say it is pretty common for male nature, but this phenomenon shall be cured as soon as possible. Priligy is the first oral medication to be approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation.


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